M. Pawan Kumar













I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, a Tutorial Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall, and a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. The best way to reach me is via email: pawan@robots.ox.ac.uk.

I am a principal researcher in the OVAL group. We work on optimization algorithms for problems that arise in computer vision and machine learning.

I am always looking for motivated PhD students. Please read some of my recent papers  to learn more about my research. Due to time constraints, I cannot accept any internship applications.


27th March, 2017: ICLR and CVPR 2017 papers  are available online.

28th October, 2016: NIPS 2016 papers on Disco Nets and adaptive neural compilation are now available.

7th August, 2016: ECCV 2016 papers on dense CRF and multi-class SVM optimization are now available.

27th June, 2016: JMLR 2016 paper on rounding-based moves for semi-metric labeling is now available.

27th June, 2016: FnT monograph on relaxations and move-making algorithms is available for purchase.

29th September, 2015: ICCV 2015 paper on parsimonious labeling is now available.